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Because of how delicate legal issues concerning your family can be, your best bet is hiring an attorney that is very professional and compassionate, someone with a proven track record of fighting diligently for the rights of his clients. The lawyer you go with basically determines whether you win or lose your case, and how your life would turn out.

Here at McCormick Law, we are highly qualified to help you deal with the enormous load of emotional, legal and financial issues that you would encounter in family law matters. Because we are interested in building a lifelong relationship with our clients, you can trust us to provide the best legal services you can get.

  • A practice limited exclusively to divorce & family law
  • High quality legal representation at reasonable rates
  • Understanding, vision, and caring
  • The ability to successfully negotiate settlements where possible
  • The experience to aggressively take your case to trial when all other options fail

A graduate of Seattle University, Daniel McCormick is a family law attorney that represents clients on all types of family law, from divorce to protection orders. His extensive background in finance makes him the ideal family law attorney to help you successfully navigate through a difficult family related legal situation. Daniel is a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable attorney that achieves results for clients with family law issues in the state of Washington. You can be sure that he will always see and listen to you as a person, as well as tap into his vast pool of experience and resources to give you the best legal representation.

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