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Here at McCormick Law, our purpose is to provide families with the smoothest solutions they need for their family's legal problems. We are attorneys in the Bellevue, Washington area with a commitment to understanding and meeting the concerns of our clients. Contact us today for quality legal assistance.

Family is usually the most important thing to most of us...........and of course,n it is also one of the most dynamic and challenging things in our lives. Handling family legal issues require tact.............the kind of tact that ensures all the right feathers are smoothed for long term peace. This is why we adapt our services to the needs of every individual person we work with. For all of the following services we offer, we deliver solutions that work for you and your family specifically.


Parting with someone you have built a life with - in many cases, for a very long time - can never be easy. Although divorce is one of the most common family law issues that family law attorneys deal with, it is an emotionally draining issue that requires compassion and sensitivity to the needs of everyone involved, especially children. It is never an easy ride, but having a capable and compassionate attorney takes away a lot of the sting.

It is very important to know the necessary legal processes to follow if you are thinking about or have already decided to get a divorce. Here at McCormick Law, we help people get through their divorce as smoothly as possible, providing additional support on other issues - like child support and custody - that may arise from a divorce. We understand how hard this time could be for you. That is why we work tirelessly as your advocates and assistants throughout this period, making sure to secure the best solutions for your interest.

To know more about the best ways to go about your divorce, kindly reach out to us today for a consultation.

Child Custody

One of the most sensitive fallouts of a divorce or separation is child custody. This is a very sensitive and important issue, due to the sentiments involved. We are attorneys dedicated to ensuring that you don't have difficulties arranging child custody with the other parent.

In determining who gets child custody, a court considers the best interest of the child(ren). It looks at determinants like parents' and child(ren)'s wishes, the level of intimacy between the child(ren) and an individual parent, as well as how well the child(ren) socially adapts to school and home life. Here at McCormick Law, we are very experienced at negotiating through child custody hearings, always aiming for workable solutions that favor our clients. We deliver quality legal assistance on permanent custody, temporary custody, as well as modifications to custody agreements

Child Support

In every divorce or separation case, it is the legal duty of both parents to give financial support to their children who are minors. While one parent can remain as the child's sole residential custodian, the other parent is legally required to pay child support, usually as laid out by the law. At McCormick Law, we help parents handle these issues satisfactorily. As a custodial parent requesting financial support from the other parent, or as a noncustodial parent seeking to reduce the amount you pay due to a change in your financial situation, we offer the legal support you need in this period. We deliver solutions that work for you, as well as meets your child's needs.

Parenting Plan Modifications

Even after the court has ruled, modifications can still be sought for and made to parenting plans, for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include one party not following through with their obligations, as well as changes in any of the parents' situation. We have the experience to advocate for you, and successfully guide you through this.

Parents sometimes experience significant challenges in their lives that affect their family. Divorced parents are no exceptions, and this sometimes affects their child custody and visitation commitments, as well as their ability to continue paying child or spousal support. These challenges could be business downturn, job loss, retirement, or more. If you experience any of these, you can request modifications to your parental plans, and we will support you by drawing up a modification request that works for you.

You can also seek legal assistance to recover what is owed you, when the other parent does not send their child/spousal support payments. There are lots of ways to recover your money, including taking the payments from the other parent's paychecks. With our experience, we know all the tricks involved, and it would be our pleasure to help you get what you are owed.

Property Division

In a divorce, dividing property is one of the thorniest issues besides child custody. There is always the question of who deserves to get what, and why they deserve to get it? Should a working partner have to part with their properties for the nonworking partner? Is it fair when one party earns significantly less, or has a high networth? These are issues that we are experienced in helping you get the best solutions to. We will assist you to fully understand the legal rules around these questions, in order to arrive at a comfortable result for you.

The state of Washington is a community property state, which means that properties acquired in a marriage belong to both partners equally................although this does not mean that they are always shared 50/50. Some of the factors that the court considers before deciding are: how long the marriage lasted, the financial condition of each spouse at the time of the division, as well as each spouse's ability to work

Just as every other property is shared, debts acquired in marriage are also shared between the spouses.....................which of course can be quite scary. We are here to help you smoothly navigate through this, making sure you receive a fair deal.

Domestic Abuse

As sensitive as it could be for many people, domestic abuse is actually a serious crime that can lead to jail time. Domestic abuse does not necessarily have to be between two married people. Parents, live-in partners, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, cousins, uncles and aunts can be charged with domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is also more than just physical abuse..................it can include threats of violence, as well as other forms of verbal abuse.

The state of Washington considers domestic abuse a very serious crime. Offenders can be punished with

  • decreased ability to obtain employment,
  • jail time and/or fines,
  • as well as loss of custody and/or visitation rights.

You should immediately contact an experienced attorney if you are a victim of domestic abuse, or if you were accused or charged with domestic abuse. Here at McCormick Law, we have the experience to effectively manage your situation for the most favorable resolutions.

Third Party Custody

The state of Washington's family law makes some allowance for someone other than a parent to seek non-parental custody or visitation over a child.This is typically done when the parent(s) fails to properly care for the child. This is usually in cases where the parent(s) is a drug dealer or user, is incarcerated, does not send the child to school, or does not provide the necessary medical care the child needs.

The people most qualified to assume third party child custody under the law include grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Third party child custody can be permanent or temporary, often determined by the situation in place. This can also be either to oversee the child's physical and emotional well-being, or oversee any assets belonging to the child. The former is called guardianship of the person, while the latter is called guardianship of the estate. We work very hard at McCormick Law to help you get the best custodianship that would be to the best interest of the child.

Protection Orders

Beyond the physical form, domestic abuse can take any shape, from verbal to emotional abuse. It is not an easy thing to do, but you really should speak out, and not suffer in silence. It is not just you, your children might also be in danger, and you should not have to be afraid in your own home. We are very dedicated to helping domestic abuse victims get the legal protection they need, here at McCormick Law. We can request the Domestic Violence Order of Protection for you and your loved ones.The court has a lot of options to stop your abuser in this case. It can order them to stop threatening or hurting you, stop them from entering your house or getting near you, as well as grant you custody of your children (if the abuser is your partner).

If your abuser is not legally married to you, then you can obtain the Civil Antiharassment Order, which can protect you and your loved ones. This can restrain your abuser from getting up to 300 feet of you, your family, and your property.

We also understand that some restraining orders can be a result of misunderstandings and possible malice from the accuser. If you find yourself in this situation, you should immediately seek legal advice to know what to do legally.............. because an innocent person can quickly be labeled a criminal if they don't act fast enough. Here at McCormick Law, we will help you investigate thoroughly, in order to see what the issue really is, and how it can be fixed.

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